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prof. Nicoló Omenetto

Prof. Nicoló Omenetto earned his Doctor degree in Chemistry from the University of Padua (Italy) in 1964 and became Professor of Spectrochemistry at the University of Pavia (Italy) in 1971. In 1979, he was appointed at the Joint Research Centre of the European Community. At the end of 2001, he joined the Faculty of the University of Florida in Gainesville (USA), where he is currently a Research Professor. From 1994 until 2018, he was a Co-editor of the journal “Spectrochimica Acta, Part B: Atomic Spectroscopy” (Elsevier Science, The Netherlands). He is also a Honorary Member of the Society for Applied Spectroscopy, and was the recipient of the Lester Strock award (2009), the CSI Award (2011), the Winter Conference Award in Plasma Spectrochemistry (2016) and the first LIBS award (2017).

The research interests of Prof. Omenetto have been directed towards the theory and applications of atomic and molecular spectroscopic methods of analysis, with a particular emphasis to the use of laser excitation.

Prof. Omenetto has published over 250 papers in international peer-reviewed journals. He also co-authored 5 Book Chapters, edited two books and co-authored two monographs.