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prof. Peter Bode

Peter Bode has a degree (1971) in chemical technology at the Delft University of Technology, and the doctor’s degree (1996) from the same university. He is Associate Professor for Nuclear Science and Engineering in the Department Radiation, Radionuclides and Reactors of the Faculty of Applied Physics. He has been involved in the development and optimization of instrumental neutron activation analysis (INAA). His current research interests are with radionuclide production based on recoil chemistry,the use of human and animal bioindicators, the analysis of kg-scale samples,and non-invasive element speciation using perturbed angular correlation spectrometry. He initiated the implementation of a quality management system resulting in1993 in the world’s first accredited INAA laboratory (current accreditation for ISO/IEC17025:2005). In 1999, Dr. Bode, together with Dr. E. A. De Nadai Fernandes and Dr. R. R. Greenberg presented the potentials of neutron activation analysis (NAA) for metrology in chemical measurement which resulted in 2007 of NAA being designated by the CCQM as a primary method of measurement.

Dr. Bode published about 160 scientific papers in internationally peer reviewed journals and has about 180 additional contributions to scientific literature. The International Atomic Energy Agency regularly invites him as an expert in nuclear analytical techniques and quality assurance. He participates in the postgraduate course “Metrology” at CENA, Universidade de São Paulo, Piracicaba, Brazil since 2005.Co-recipient in 2002, of the Brazilian Prêmio de Excelência em Metrologia. Dr. Bode is recipient of the George Hevesy Medal Award 2011 ”In recognition of his leadership in quality assurance and laboratory accreditation, large-sample neutron activation analysis, and widespread educational efforts in nuclear science”.